New York vs Los Angeles

The Big Apple or the City of Angels?

Despite the two cities being vastly different, there are a lot of reasons to visit both. No matter which city you think you would prefer, if you are a first-time visitor to the USA then both are definitely worth a visit. So how do both cities stack up? Here are some of my favorite things about each city.

NEW YORK: It’s difficult to get lost

If you are sticking to the main tourist hotspots in central New York City, you’ll be happy to know the city is set out in an easy-to-navigate grid pattern, which makes it extremely easy to find your way around. You will be able to find your accommodation just from its address without a map. You can also jump on the subway, which will take you in a straight line down to Battery Park if you are planning to visit the Statue of Liberty.

Broadway street sign

LA: It’s always sunny

It’s hard to complain about the weather in Los Angeles, as it always seems perfect without a cloud in the sky. It’s ideal if you are trying to see all the sights of the city in a few days. With little chance of rain, you never have to consider the weather to plan outdoor activities. And the warmer temperatures mean it is always a great place for a visit to the beach.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

NEW YORK: The impressive skyline

It is pretty obvious why New York is chosen as the backdrop for so many action movies. The city’s towering skyscrapers and endless maze of streets are impressive. On a foggy night, the city is even more photogenic, with the tall buildings disappearing into the clouds.

America Day 1 023

LA: The obvious “Hollywood” theme of everything

LA doesn’t try to hide what it is. It has always been the city of the rich and famous, and the centrepiece of so many films and TV shows. Walking along Hollywood Boulevard across the Walk of Fame, surrounded by characters dressed up from iconic films, there is no hidden agenda here. You might as well take advantage, and visit the Kodak Theatre or pass CBS Studios on an open-top bus tour. You never know what celebrities you might see along the way.

America Day 4 161

NEW YORK: A million lights

From the shiny signs of Broadway to the insane amount of flashing advertisements and images in busy Times Square, the city lights up at all hours of the day. The city that never sleeps never goes dark.

America Day 1 127

LA: Seaside restaurants

There is no shortage of restaurants, cafes and every type of fast food imaginable in LA. Try one of the seaside eateries in Santa Monica, where there are some delicious Mexican options.

America Day 5 229

No matter which city you visit, both Los Angeles and New York have plenty of exciting attractions to offer. Whether it is the Empire State Building or the Santa Monica Pier, you will have plenty to remember when you go home.

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