The Five Best Views of Auckland

Outside of Auckland’s CBD, you can find some great views of the city.

Auckland has a recognizable skyline. Home to the iconic Sky Tower, visitors will all undoubtedly want to capture a great photo of the city. There are a few different spots where you can get a unique angle of Auckland. Here are five of my favourites.

Mount Victoria

You will find Mount Victoria in Devonport, on the north side of the harbour. From the peak, you will have fantastic views of the city and the surrounding islands. Once a Maori settlement, the area was later used as a defence against possible invasions. And it is not just the city you will get a great view of. Head to the other side of the mountain across a field of painted mushrooms to enjoy a view of the northern suburbs. You will find the road to the summit hidden away behind a school off Kerr Street, along with a carpark at the summit, and a second directly overlooking the city.

mount victoria

New Zealand Maritime Museum

From the city head down to the wharf. When you reach the Maritime Museum turn around for a great view of the Sky Tower. As Auckland is the City of Sails, it is appropriate that the in the foreground are many boats lining the harbour. Follow Quay Street toward Viaduct Basin to get a great view. There are also plenty of restaurants lining the harbour, and it is an easy walk to the shops of Queen Street.

auckland view


Sky Tower

Why not see Auckland from its most iconic building? A ticket to the top of Sky Tower will cost $29NZD. The fee is well worth the view you will get from the circular observation deck, where you will get an uninterrupted view of the city in every direction. The view down to the Harbour Bridge is a particularly good angle. In certain places around the tower, you can also step onto glass panels to look straight down. If you want to relax and just watch the traffic passing by in the city below, you can head down one level to the Sky Café where you can get a drink and some snacks.

One Tree Hill

On a windy day, you will be battling the elements as you try to get to the top of One Tree Hill. But its height means this is a good spot to view Auckland.You wouldn’t expect to find this much green space in the middle of a city, but there are plenty of areas to explore in Cornwall Park. So many that you may need to drive between them. From the west side of the park, you will find the road to the summit of One Tree Hill, marked by an obelisk dedicated to Sir John Logan Campbell. While you are in the park, the Twin Oaks Drive makes for some great photos.

one tree hill

Mt Eden

The tour buses making their way slowly up the narrow road are your first clue that the view from Mt Eden is impressive. From the carpark at the bottom, it is only a short 10-minute walk to the top of the hill. Mt Eden is Auckland’s largest volcano, and the view of the deep crater is fantastic. Walk along the edges to see Auckland from every viewpoint, and get arguably the best view of the city skyline.


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