Australia’s Top 10 Destinations


Australia is a big country, and there is much more to discover beyond the rock and the reef.

Here are a few popular tourist attractions in Australia that live up to their reputations, and a few that often get missed on travel itineraries.

10. Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales

The view from Australia’s tallest peak is fantastic. From the top of Mount Kosciuszko, those who have bothered to make the uphill hike will be rewarded with an endless view of the Great Dividing Range. Take the chairlift from Thredbo to begin your walk.

Mount Kosciuzsko

9. Wollemi National Park, New South Wales

Wollemi National Park is the perfect place to get a taste of rural Australia. The park has is home to one of the world’s biggest canyons, and now even an ultra-luxury resort. Located to the north of the Blue Mountains, there is plenty to see in Wollemi. Dunns Swamp offers a great panoramic view of the area as well as scenic hiking trails.

Glen Davis Canyon

8. Bay of Fires, Tasmania

You will find one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches on the east coast of Tasmania. The contrasting colours of the red rocks against the bright blue water make the Bay of Fires a great place to visit.

Bay of Fires

7. Ubirr, Northern Territory

Avoid the crowds and enjoy an early morning walk to Ubirr, deep in Kakadu National Park. From the top, you will find an amazing view over the green plains toward Arnhem Land. Be sure to pack plenty of insect repellent!


6. Sydney, New South Wales

As far as Australian views go, Sydney Harbour is one of the more impressive. Even having seen the Harbour Bridge many times before, it is still exciting each time. Even if you don’t feel up to Bridge Climb, you can still walk across the bridge to Milson’s Point and enjoy the views of the harbor and Opera House.

Sydney Harbour

5. Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria

The photos don’t do the sheer cliffs of the Great Ocean Road any justice. Seeing the enormity of the rock formations and the waves crashing around their base from the clifftops is an unforgettable scene. Loch Ard Gorge is particularly spectacular, but be prepared to battle the winds.

Loch Ard Gorge

4. Uluru, Northern Territory

No list of the best places in Australia would be complete without Uluru. In the heart of the Red Centre, the enormous rock is surrounded by seemingly endless miles of nothing except the hazy view of Kata Tjuta in the distance. Follow the walk around the base of the rock for some unique photo opportunities and the chance to spot wildlife.


3. Atherton Tablelands, Queensland

Most tourists to Far North Queensland don’t explore beyond Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, however, one of the country’s most scenic regions is just an hour from the city. The highway through the Tablelands will take you past steeply caved mountain ridges, fields dotted with sparkling cane fields, photogenic waterfalls and old-fashioned towns boasting incredible local cafes and restaurants.

Atherton Tablelands

2. Mataranka, Northern Territory

Hidden away in the dense bushland of Elsey National Park, find fairytale hot springs that seem almost out of place with their surroundings. It is hard to find water so clear in Australia, least of all in the middle of the Northern Territory bush. Visitors can also opt to swim the circuit of the springs if they dare enter the water beneath the orb spiders.


1. Broken Hill, New South Wales

The enormity of Australia’s barren desert landscape is never more evident than in Broken Hill. Stand on the mountains and see the beginning of the “Never Never” in outback New South Wales. Just outside of the Silver City you will find the abandoned town of Silverton, complete with crumbling houses and disused rail lines. But it is the view just beyond the tiny town that is truly incredible. Follow the winding road to the Lookout, and watch the highway disappear into the distant horizon.

Broken Hill

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