Three Reasons to Visit Page, Arizona

If you are traveling across Arizona, you can’t miss taking a side-trip to Page. The powerful effects of the Colorado River are more evident here, and the town is surrounded by attractions that rival even the Grand Canyon. When passing through Page, here are three unmissable sights that will make the detour well-worth it.

Lake Powell

It is a huge body of water, surrounded by vast desert and towering rocks. There is no doubt that Lake Powell is an impressive sight from many angles. The Colorado River reservoir lines the border with Utah, and from the highway, there are a number of access roads to get you closer to the water. If it is a view from above you are looking for, follow signs for Wahweap Overlook, which offers a fantastic view in all directions.

lake powell

Horseshoe Bend

It is one of the most recognizable places in the United States, and it is located just outside of Page. A short trail will take you to the famous bend in the Colorado River, where you are able to walk right up to the cliff edge to look over the river. The blue/green colors of the Colorado River contrast perfectly with the surrounding sandstone, giving you an unforgettable view. You will find the turnout for the Horseshoe Bend Trail just south of Page on Highway 89.

horsehose bend

Antelope Canyon

This famous slot canyon is frequently named among the most beautiful destinations in the world, and it is yet another thing you can see in Page. Visitors can choose to explore the upper or lower section of the canyon or take a photography tour to try and capture the beams of light that shine down through the rocks. Join the hundreds of other keen tourists in exploring the narrow walls of the canyon. Ken’s Tours do guided walks of Lower Antelope Canyon. Follow AZ-98 for Lower Antelope canyon parking.

antelope canyon

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